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Seasons and episodes

1Season 1 Jan. 01, 2021
2Season 2 Jan. 01, 2022
3Season 3 Jan. 01, 2023





We brought a camera behind the scenes to give you guys a closer look at what goes on when we get together. Sometimes it’s a great idea, sometimes maybe we should have thought twice! Check back here every week for a new episode.

Step into the exhilarating world of the Sidemen as we take you on an exclusive journey behind the scenes, granting you an all-access pass to the inner workings of one of YouTube’s most iconic and dynamic groups. Welcome to Sideplus Behind The Scenes, where the magic truly happens!

The Sidemen, a powerhouse of YouTube personalities known for their uproarious gaming videos, challenges, and vlogs, have amassed a dedicated global fanbase. But what goes on when the cameras are off? That’s where Sidemen Behind The Scenes (BTS) comes into play, offering an intimate and unprecedented look at the personalities and camaraderie that make this group an internet sensation.

In the high-octane world of content creation, the Sidemen seamlessly blend their diverse talents and personalities to create content that keeps millions entertained. But what you see on their main channel is just the tip of the iceberg. Sidemen BTS delves deep into the off-screen moments, revealing the genuine friendships, challenges, and inspirations that fuel their creative fire.

Get ready to witness the unscripted hilarity, heartfelt moments, and the occasional behind-the-scenes mishaps that occur when these YouTube juggernauts come together. From brainstorming wild video concepts to the camaraderie forged over years of working together, Sidemen BTS showcases the dedication and passion that drive these content creators.

Explore the meticulously crafted sets, the nerve-wracking moments before filming, and the unexpected surprises that keep both the Sidemen and their loyal viewers on the edge of their seats. Experience the electric energy as they fine-tune their craft and experiment with new content ideas, all while staying true to their roots of fun, laughter, and authenticity.

But it’s not just about work – Sidemen BTS also offers a glimpse into their lives outside the studio. Discover the hobbies, interests, and personal quirks that make each member unique, and see how they balance their online personas with their real lives. Witness their philanthropic efforts, charity work, and the impact they have on their community, proving that they’re not just content creators; they’re influencers who use their platform for good.

Sidemen Behind The Scenes is a tribute to the incredible synergy that has propelled the Sidemen to YouTube superstardom. Join us as we peel back the layers and uncover the magic that makes this group a YouTube sensation and a force for positive change in the digital world. Get ready to laugh, cry, and be inspired by the Sidemen like never before. This is their story, unfiltered and unmissable.

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